Anticlastic Texturized Copper Bangle Bracelet

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The John S Brana Anticlastic Texturized Copper Bangle Bracelet is the perfect bracelet to slip on with those outfits that require a warm glow as opposed to the cool tones of silver-hued metals. Unlike traditional gold, the bracelet has a soft, feminine tone with a hint of pink that makes it truly unique and romantic. The graceful lines of the bracelet make it a flattering choice to finish many different outfits, and it looks stunning with many other types of jewelry, especially richly colored gems and semiprecious stones like turquoise, emerald and peridot.

Made in the USA, the John S Brana Anticlastic Texturized Copper Bangle Bracelet is handcrafted and features real copper coated with a tarnish-resistant finish. Its impressive shape includes an eye-catching curve produced with anticlastic folding techniques. The piece is also texturized to add interest to the design with shadow and shine. For a lovely shape, the bracelet tapers from a 1-1/2 inch width to a 3/4-inch width. Makes a great 7th Wedding Anniversary present! Jewelry designer John S Brana handcrafts jewelry that’s suitable for a wide range of occasions, from formal to casual and everything in between! .

Available in the following sizes (opening is included in the circumference):
8 1/2 inch circumference with 1 1/2 inch opening;
8 inch circumference with 1 1/4 inch opening;
7 1/2 inch circumference with 1 inch opening;


  • Offered in 7-1/2-inch, 8-inch, and 8-1/2-inch size circumferences. 1 1/2 inches in width (40mm) . Choose size from Drop Down menu above.
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE CARE. All copper jewelry is coated with a durable clear non-toxic polymer to prevent tarnishing and oxidation formation.
  • HANDMADE IN THE USA. Handmade personally by award-winning jewelry designer John S Brana in his San Francisco jewelry studio.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE. John S Brana Designer Jewelry will inspect, clean, polish and maintain your jewelry for free for as long as you own it.
  • SIZING: For proper fit, measure the length around your wrist and add 1/2 inch. If your wrist measures 7 inches in length, order a size 7 1/2.

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