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Handmade Copper Earrings

Corrugated Copper Drop Leaf Earrings

Copper Earrings – A Formidable Alternative to Traditional Jewelry Metals

Turquoise Patinated Copper Tear Drop Earrings
Turquoise Patinated Copper Tear Drop Earrings

If you are looking for unusual, statement jewelry then look no further than copper earrings. As one of the most recent entries into the jewelry world, copper is definitely a worthy alternative to more traditional metals such as gold and silver. The unique properties of copper make it a versatile material, full of character and life. This can be seen in the collections of artists such as John S. Brana who have personally pushed this amazing metal into the industry spotlight.

Copper Earrings – A Wide Selection of Shapes and Sizes

Looking at copper earrings, we can see that there are many types currently available. Everything from leaf-shaped designs to hammered chains of rings can be purchased and worn with a range of outfits on a variety of occasions. The sheer malleability of this amazing metal allows it to be molded into thousands of stunning shapes.

Fold Formed Apple Green Copper Handmade Leaf Earrings
Fold Formed Apple Green Copper Handmade Leaf Earrings

Patinated Copper Earrings – A Variety of Color and Textures

Besides this, copper has the unique property of being able to be patinated. By added substances such as vinegar or ammonia to the metal, different colors can be brought out, allowing for even more amazing designs. Jewelers such as John S. Brana use this technique to create pairs of copper earrings awash with different shades of green, blue and brown.

One more way to spice up a pair of copper earrings is to ensure that they are handmade. This metal is perfect for being shaped by hand and can be lovingly molded into a number of designs. This means that every piece is truly unique, allowing you to don a pair of earrings which exists nowhere else on the planet.

For those looking for an exciting alternative to the usual gold and silver jewelry, copper is definitely a stand-out contender! Its unique properties and the fact that it can be used to create thousands of different pairs of beautiful copper earrings all means that you can actually build up an entire jewelry collection solely using this amazing metal.

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