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Corrugated Anticlastic Copper Bangle

Corrugated Copper Bangle Bracelet

How to Make a Corrugated Anticlastic Copper Bangle

Corrugated Copper Bangle  Bracelet
Corrugated Anticlastic Copper Bangle Bracelet

This copper bangle was created from 18 gauge copper sheet metal. The corrugated pattern was obtained by running the annealed copper sheet through a corrugation mill similar to the one pictured below.  After the copper was corrugated, it was annealed again before forming the initial circular shape on a bracelet mandrel.

The edges were anticastically raised on a stainless steel Antclastic Forming stake using a Delrin Cross Peen Hammer. After about three passes on each side, the bangle was annealed one last time before final shaping.  The bangle was then pickled and tumbled with stainless steel shot in a rock tumbler to produce the rose gold finish.  Lastly, the bangle was coated with a protectant to prevent tarnish.

150 Corrugator Mill by Durston
150 Corrugator Mill by Durston

This brilliant Corrugated Copper Anticlastic Bangle, provides a beautiful style element that creates a fashionable bled of modern design and texture that is right on trend, giving your outfit a boost of shimmer and shine with its ribbed pattern and unique concave design. Welcome this bold versatility to your jewelry collection and reclaim your diva crown!





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