7th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Copper Fold Formed Shell Necklace

Copper Necklaces

Fabulous Looking Copper Necklaces

John S. Brana’s handmade copper jewelry collection consists of a range of lovely handmade copper necklaces, which make sure to be a distinctive accessory that will draw great deals of compliments!

Fold Formed Copper Shell Necklace
Fold Formed Copper Shell Necklace

Perfect for a casual outfit, a day at the office, or a more formal ensemble for a night out on the town, John S. Brana’s copper chain necklaces are the perfect accessory, particularly when they’re used in combination with other pieces in his copper collection.  Matching bracelets, rings and earrings are sure to finish a look that makes certain to turn heads!

John S. Brana’s handmade copper jewelry is crafted making use of a number of different metalworking techniques. These necklaces are mainly developed using copper links, which are textured and shaped by hand making use of approaches such as hammering and “chasing.” These special metalworking techniques add structure and texture to the rings that make up Brana’s one-of-a-kind necklaces.

Chased Copper Ring Necklace
Chased Copper Ring Necklace

Copper has actually become the medium of choice for many lovers of contemporary jewelry. Our collection of handmade copper necklaces and chains are classic, yet glamorous– best for any celebration. Unlike traditional gold or silver, copper develops a warm-brownish hue over time, creating a special luster. With a statement-making copper necklace around your neck, you make certain to receive a flock of compliments. No matter which of our perfectly handcrafted necklaces you select, copper will provide that additional spice.

All Brana’s copper jewelry products are coated with a high-shine lacquer that secures the metal from staining and forming a patina (though there are a variety of patinated jewelry items in the John S. Brana collection, in a large variety of colors including blue, green, red and black.).

John S. Brana’s copper necklaces make the best gift for yourself or a good friend or loved one. It’s a piece that is guaranteed to leave a long lasting impression.

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