Styling with Fold Formed Copper Jewelry

Fold Formed Copper Jewelry – Styling Tips

Corrugated Fold Ford Anticlastic Copper Cuffs
Corrugated Fold Ford Anticlastic Copper Cuff by San Francisco jewelry designer John Brana

At an age where fashion is used as a medium to express a person’s individuality and uniqueness, copper jewelry crafted using the fold forming technique produces exactly that: pieces that are distinctive as you.

What makes the fold forming technique one of a kind is the technique it entails. It allows the metal to express its beauty freely. Instead of forcing a pattern, it requires the artisan to follow the metal’s innate, in this case copper’s, ductility and malleability properties. This results in beautiful pieces that range from simple but elegant pieces to ones whose complex and intricate patterns are awe inspiring.

The advent of fold forming has truly allowed for the expansion of a jewelers creative mind. It has also allowed the fashionistas all around the world to get their hands on pieces with breathtaking patterns. With hundreds of types of fold forming styles available, the possibilities of exquisite designs are only limited by the creative vision of the artisan.

So how do you style these innovative creations?

Well, it’s all about balance with fold formed copper jewelry pieces.

If your piece has a beautiful complex design, wear it with a basic blouse or a monotone dress. This will make that piece of fold formed bracelet or copper earrings the focal point. The best thing about copper is that it really goes well with most colors pallets, and skin tones.

If you are planning to wear a dress with a busy pattern, accessorize it with a simple fold form jewelry piece. Something that is not as busy as the dress. This could be an earring or bracelet with a basic line fold, boat fold, t fold etc. The basic idea is to keep it simple and balanced. You do not want the magnificent pattern of a complex fold formed pieces to get lost in the busyness of the dress.

If, on the other hand, your outfit consists of basic pieces, or pieces that are not too bold, wear your most intricate fold formed copper jewelry. Flaunt the edginess of the it.

Now, let’s look at some specific pieces:

Corrugated Fold Formed Copper Disc Earrings
Corrugated Fold Formed Copper Disc Earrings

Fold Formed Copper Lily Pad Earrings
Fold Formed Copper Lily Pad Earrings by San Francisco jewelry designer John S Brana

These Fold Formed Copped Lily Pad Earrings and Corrugated Fold Formed Copper Disc Earring are spectacular. For a romantic look, wear this with a ruffle or lace dress that has a sweetheart neckline. Avoid polka dots or other prints with circular patterns. With soft curls, nude eye makeup and red lips, you will definitely make your date go weak on his knees.

For a more professional look, wear these with well tailored blazer. Since winter is almost here, these pieces will look great with a chunky knitted sweater, denim skinny jeans and cognac colored boots. Add a chunky scarf and a beanie and you are ready to face the winter wonderland with style!

Now, if your outfit still feels understated, this piece will do the trick of bringing it up to a whole new level. The great thing about the fold form technique is that the possibilities are endless, making almost all shapes and patterns possible. A lot of women love the earthy look. The nature inspired style makes it sensual and soft to the eye.

Corrugated Copper Drop Leaf Earrings
Corrugated Copper Drop Leaf Earrings

Turquoise Patinated Copper Tear Drop Earrings
Turquoise Patinated Copper Tear Drop Earrings

Both of the above leaf earrings do a great job at capturing the freshness and richness of nature. Each of the veins, curls and folds are strategically placed giving it a heavenly design. Both make for great morning and evening wear. To capture the true essence of these, pair them with off the shoulder or flowy blouse or dress. As for your hair, let those beautiful waves loose. If opting for the Fold Formed Copper Corrugated Leaf Earrings, play up your eyes with beautiful rich colored eye shadows The copper color of the earring will balance them out. If opting for the Fold Formed Blue Patinated Copper Leaf Earrings, soften your makeup with earthy toned colors for eye shadows.


Corrugated Copper Bangle Statment Bangle
Corrugated Copper Bangle Statement Bangle


Fold Formed Corrugated Copper Cuff

If your hands feel naked, add a chunky fold formed cuff bracelet. This will add that delicate touch while giving you a rustic look. Add some copper bangles, or for some pop of color stack it with this beautiful Carnelian 14K Gold-filled Chain Maille Bracelet. The orange, brown, and gold hues of the bracelet blend really well with the chunky copper cuff.

Fold Formed copper jewelry is incredible. Whatever your fashion style is, whether it be bohemian, chic, sporty, bold, elegant, nautical, the versatility of this jewelry making technique is such that it has room for everyone’s fashion buds!