Chased Copper Bark Cuff Bracelet

Does Wearing Copper Jewelry Provide Health Benefits?

Copper Jewelry Health Benefits

Copper is an essential mineral required by the human body to function at its maximum level. While this mineral is found in various foods, some people believe it can also be worn in the form of jewelry to provide even more curative powers. Studies have shown that people can replenish loss of copper by wearing copper jewelry that absorbs the mineral directly into the body. Learn how copper can provide many health benefits.

Handmade Bark Copper Cuff Bracelet
Handmade Bark Copper Cuff Bracelet

Musculoskeletal Health

Wearing copper has been shown to provide many health benefits, such as an increase in bone density. When copper is used in combination with manganese and zinc, the jewelry can aid in the prevention of osteoporosis and improve bone strength. Copper can also decrease inflammation. It has been shown to help people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of inflammation.

Copper might also improve joint health. The mineral found inside many types of jewelry contain an enzyme that aids the body in the building of protective fibers. It is a necessary ingredient that boosts cartilage regeneration throughout the body, as well as the formation of tendons, bone, and other connective tissue. While these claims have not been completely proven, studies have built a strong case to prove these statements, especially when copper comes in direct contact with the skin as in the wearing of copper rings and copper cuffs.

Blood Health

Copper plays a major role in the transportation of blood throughout the human body. It also aids in iron absorption. Iron is needed by the body to build and replace red blood cells that help to keep the blood composition in the body balanced. When the small amount of copper is absorbed by wearing copper jewelry, it may be all that is needed to provide the body with sufficient iron absorption capabilities. Copper has been shown to greatly improve overall blood health.

Copper Bark Ring
Copper Bark Ring

Cardiovascular Health

Low amounts of copper in the human body can result in high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease – among other cardiovascular ailments. Copper deficiency has been proven to cause harmful cholesterol levels which are often the early stages of cardiovascular disease. If you are lacking copper in your system, you may be at risk.

Wearing copper has been known to aid in cardiovascular health. Once you have worn copper jewelry for an extended amount of time, the mineral will be absorbed by the body and the minimal amount needed will help your body operate efficiently. Some believe that just by wearing a copper bracelet or necklace, you could reduce your risk of high cholesterol and eliminate your chances of developing heart disease and cardiovascular problems.

Although folk lore abounds with stories of how the wearing of copper helps ease the pain and discomfort of arthritis, makes no such health claims. Why not just wear copper because it is a beautiful piece of jewelry?

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