Fold Formed Copper Lily Pad Earrings

Distinctive Handmade Copper Jewelry Designs

Properties of Copper Jewelry

Fold Formed Copper Shell Earrings
Fold Formed Copper Shell Earrings

Copper jewelry has been worn for ages, to a certain extent for overall health factors as some think that it enhances good blood circulation and eases the symptoms of arthritis. While those promises have not been scientifically confirmed, copper has been shown to possess antimicrobial components (helping to ward off microbes as well as illness). Still, it is more likely that the continued use of copper jewelry has much more to do with its exclusive luster and color than it does with its germ-fighting capability!

Fold Formed Copper Lily Pad Earrings
Fold Formed Copper Lily Pad Earrings by San Francisco jewelry designer John S Brana

Copper jewelry can be sought-after by those who like an earthy, ethnic look but more and more it can also be found making an appearance among the many collections of quality jewelry manufacturers. It provides an very affordable alternative to popular higher priced rose gold due to its charming pinkish color when copper is at its most basic form. The warmness of copper also creates a satisfying contrast alongside silver’s cooler tones.

Countless artisans additionally take pleasure in working with this particular metal because of its toughness and versatility. With time, oxidation may cause unprotected copper to darken into a warm brown color which generally increases the look of jewellery pieces. Moreover, contact with the elements causes untreated copper to form a bluish-green patina that is generally coveted by individuals who appreciate a unique look. Gifted jewelry designers use this natural discoloration of copper to create distinctive and modern patterns and designs.

Care Tips for Copper Jewelry

Uncoated bright copper jewellery can tarnish as time passes but tend to be easily restored to its original state. You can acquire commercial restoring cloths or dip your jewellery in a bath of warm water, a number of drops of lemon juice and some salt. Dry with a delicate cloth and the classic warmth and beauty of your pieces will quickly return. Note: silver polish should not be used on copper jewelry as it is harsh and can mar the finish.  Read more copper jewelry care tips.

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