Anticlastic Copper Jewelry – How to Style Tips

Anticlastic Copper Drop Earrings
Anticlastic Copper Drop Leaf Earrings by jewelry designer John S Brana

From the curl of leaves to the smooth ripples in water, the anticlastic pattern has been found throughout the nature for centuries. What’s so amazing about the anticlastic copper jewelry is the fact that it allows us to bring that mesmerizing curls and waves from the nature into our own wardrobe.

The blending of the two opposing curves with copper, a metal whose malleable property makes it superiors to its counterparts, creates a masterpiece that is truly a replica of the spirit of nature. The essence of an anticlastic design is hidden in its imperfections. Unlike a diamond, circle, sphere and triangle that captures beauty in an enclosed form, the anticlastic design is an open pattern. It represents the infinity of the universe. Moreover, it showcases the ability of two opposing patterns to blend together while creating a beautiful and balanced piece.

Copper’s talent is its remarkable ability to be molded without obtaining even a scratch. It has the power to withstand enormous amount of stress. When this talent of copper meets the beautiful anticlastic pattern, the result can truly captivate any copper jewelry connoisseur.

How Do You Style an Anticlastic Copper Jewelry Piece?

The great thing about an anticlastic pattern made of copper is that it is very versatile; thus making the blending task easy.

Anticlastic Copper Earrings

Fold Formed Copper Anticlastic Tear Drop Earrings - JBSCE-15 - John S Brana Handmade Jewelry
Ruffled Copper Anticlastic Earrings by John S Brana Handmade Jewelry

Anticlastic Copper Earrings can be a spectacular addition to any jewelry collection, simply because they are very easy to accessorize an outfit with. Regardless of the occasion, copper earrings with an anticlastic design do a great job at framing a face while making the neck, face and jaw look slender and angular. The balance that an anticlastically raised piece projects is truly pleasing to the eye; thus making it a great first date or special occasion piece. Plus, the copper color really makes the color of a person’s outfit richer.

For a classy and glamorous look, wear this with your hear in a bun or a sleek ponytail. These work great with dresses or blouses with a Scoop, Boat or V neck. On the other hand, for a more casual and carefree look, wear this with a messy bun, a loose fishtail braid or some beachy waves. Add a flowy top or a maxi dress with it and you are ready to rock the world with your unconventional look.

Chased Copper Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet
Chased Copper Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet by San Francisco jewelry designer John S Brana

Anticlastic Copper Bracelet

The great thing about a copper bracelet with an anticlastic form is that it truly looks good on everyone. The enclosed pattern of the bracelet when combined with the openness of an anticlastic design makes your hands looks slender and wrist look smaller. An anticlastic bracelet truly plays up the form of a woman’s hand, giving it that romantic and bold touch.

Anticlastic copper bangle bracelets can totally glam up any outfit. You can wear this with a simple tank top or a body fitting dress. These make for great stacking pieces. For a more unpredictable look, pair a chunky anticlastic copper cuff with more delicate pieces. You can even pair them with bracelets with different shapes (circle, diamond etc.) , textures (leather), or gemstones.

Anticlastic copper jewelry can make sensational gifts for yourself or your loved ones. Did you know that the tradition metal for the 7th Wedding Anniversary is Copper? Copper’s versatility stands as a true testimony to what happens when a nature inspired design meets art.