Copper Feather Earrings

Easy Care Tips for Your Copper Jewelry

Keeping Your Copper Jewelry Looking Great

Copper Feather Earrings
Copper Feather Earrings by I Love Copper Jewelry

Copper is a highly popular medium used in various styles of jewelry, from ethic handcrafted jewelry to trendy modern pieces. When the copper jewelry piece is new, it can possess a brilliant shine and appear pink like rose-gold. As the copper ages and is worn, it can gain a patina and transform into a warm bronze-brown hue. While copper tarnishes easily, it can be just as easily cleaned and turned back into its original stunning look. Many jewelry designers and artisans love to work with this metal for these reasons. Follow these standard instructions to clean your copper jewelry.

Caring for Copper Jewelry

Fold Formed Copper Bangle with Brazilian Fire Agate
Fold Formed Copper Bangle with Brazilian Fire Agate that has been coated with a durable protectant to prevent tarnish

Clean your copper jewelry: It’s important to clean your copper jewelry when you notice that it’s becoming tarnished, dirty, or oily. These factors will mostly depend on how often the piece is worn. Prepare a cleaning solution of warm water and several drops of mild dish washing soap. Dip a soft, clean rag into the cleaning solution and wipe the surface of the copper jewelry clean. Rinse the piece in water and dry the surface gently with a clean, dry cloth. Clean more often if worn on a daily basis.

Polish your copper jewelry: Copper jewelry should be polished on occasion to maintain its shine and original pink hue. This can be performed whenever you notice the copper starting to darken. Create a solution of fresh lemon juice mixed with a dash of salt. Submerge the copper jewelry piece into the polishing solution and swish it around to coat the surface. This polish will remove the patina that comes along with tarnishing. Rinse the jewelry with water and dry it gently with a soft, dry cloth. Jewelry polishing cloths can also be used as an alternative to this natural method.

Store your copper jewelry: Copper jewelry must be stored properly to avoid tarnishing or ruining the pieces. Place your copper jewelry into a plastic zip bag to help prevent air from entering the bag which can contribute to tarnishing. It may also be helpful to put a piece of anti-tarnish paper in the bag with the jewelry. If you don’t mind the beautiful look that develops with patina, just wear it as is. Remember not to polish copper jewelry that has “added” patina. Keep your copper jewelry safe in a jewelry box or plastic container as its malleable properties can cause it to become damaged easily.

Buy coated copper jewelry: The easiest way to keep your copper jewelry looking great for years is to buy copper jewelry that has been coated with a special formulated protectant that resists oxidation. All jewelry featured on is guaranteed not to tarnish (under normal wear conditions).