Brushed Copper Cuff with Square Carnelian Gemstone

Copper Bracelets

Tips for Stacking Copper Bangle Bracelets

The layered bracelet look gives an outfit a flirty and bold touch. One bangle is good, but a stack of bangles are powerful. They add personality to an outfit. A well thought out stack can completely rejuvenate the uniqueness of an outfit. Copper bangles are great because they act as a blending medium for many metals and textures. They make a fantastic great foundation piece. When it comes to stacking, it’s all about colors and sizes. If you open your creative eye, this can actually be a fun process. Remember, it’s not about putting all the bracelets from your jewelry collection together; instead, it’s about choosing the right pieces and placing them in such a way that they create a wholesome and well balanced look.

Ready for tips?  Here we go…

Every party begins with a strong foundation piece. A good thick bangle will create a strong base for the rest of the bracelets.  As mentioned above, a copper bangle works great for this purpose because it has a nice earthy tone that sits well with most colors and metals.

Something like this beauty will make for a great piece:

Brushed Copper Cuff with Square Carnelian Gemstone
Brushed Copper Cuff with Square Carnelian Gemstone

This bracelet is a classic piece. It is strong and the beautiful rose gold shade works with the other colors. Its simplicity adds to its elegance. It will work for both a formal and informal arm candy.

Looking for something with more texture?

This anticlastically raised corrugated bracelet will do the trick.

Corrugated Copper Cuff Bracelet
Corrugated Copper Cuff Bracelet

For a clean and sleek look, keep your stack monochromatic. Play with the sizes. In this instance, for examples, our foundation piece is a copper bangle. So keeping the monochromatic rule in mind, the other pieces that we include in this stack should have the same shade. Wire bangles, bands, chain bracelets with a copper shade can be added. For a pop of color, pick accent pieces with rhinestones, or other embellishments.  For a more professional look, add a copper watch. Avoid adding another chunky piece, since the size will clash with our foundation bangle. For a fun and care free look, go for embellished and colorful pieces. Charm bracelets, beaded bracelets , enamel bracelets and braided bracelets, all work great for these. Even though you do have the license to make your stack as colorful and sparkly as you want, you do not want it to look like a giant mess.

So here is the rule of thumb, pick colors that when placed one after the other not only works well with each other but also matches our foundation piece.For example, a burnt red and yellow beaded bracelet not only looks good with each but also with our copper bangle. For a rockerish look, think studs, leather, chains and spikes. For a rocker look, it is all about giving our stack a rough feel. Bracelets with silver tones and brass tones will work well. Copper chain bracelets will work great for these as well. For a feminine look, add soft and dainty pieces. Pearls, crystal studded bangles, multi-colored friendship bracelets or rope bracelets looks good too Think pink, rose gold in terms of colors, and as far as shapes, choose bracelets with hearts , diamonds and bows. Keep one arm free. Stacking bracelets on both arms can look over accessorized Wear a statement ring on your free hand or opting for a dainty bracelet works well too. If you have a short hand, don’t make your stack too long, or it will make it appear shorter. The bottom line is to have fun and experiment. When stacking, keep the arrangement cohesive.

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Questions and Answers

Cleaning a Copper Bracelet?  I have an old copper bracelet that used to be my grandfathers. It really needs cleaned. What is the best way to clean it without buying a cleaner for it?

Posted by Andrea
[display_name id=”3″]Tips to clean a copper bracelet Vinegar Place your copper jewelry in a glass, or plastic container, not metal. I use a drinking glass. Pour enough vinegar over it to completely cover it. Let stand for 5-10 minutes. Rinse. Dry. You’re done! Lemon Juice Follow directions used above for vinegar. Ketchup This is my least favorite, as it is a little messy, but it will certainly do in a pinch! Simply rub your piece of copper jewelry with ketchup on a cloth until it is shiney. Rinse. Dry. You’re done!
NOTE: If you buy a piece of copper jewelry that has a protective lacquer on it, do not try to clean it by any of these methods. Be especially careful if you have purchased a vintage piece as you could possibly decrease its value. A lot of collectors sell pieces that have not been cleaned by them and leave the cleaning up to the buyer if they so desire.