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Copper Cuffs – A Fashion-Forward Accessory Statement

Corrugated Copper Bangle  Bracelet

Corrugated Copper Bangle Bracelet

Copper has a unique luster that makes it the perfect economical alternative to sterling silver in handcrafted jewelry. This metal is taking the jewelry industry by storm. Copper cuffs are highly fashionable and add a little drama to your favorite look. Stack them or wear a single cuff – either way – copper cuffs can transform your personal style and add energy through stylish jewelry. Paired with skinny jeans or a sundress, copper cuffs add much style and sophistication to any ensemble. The key to making the stacked cuff style work is to go big. Stack intricate cuffs of various sizes for a refreshing way to add a bold kick to your wardrobe. The combination of textures can add glamour to any outfit. Cuffs come in a multitude of styles, from classic gold to textured silver – but copper jewelry is in-style for the upcoming seasons. On the 2012 runways, jewelry designers created chunky, knotted, or thin wire styles of metals with eye-catching embellishments.

Pair Copper Cuffs With Just About Any Outfit

Copper cuffs pair well with neons, florals, pastels, and colorblocking trends. They are also ideal in combination with geometric shaped cuffs, oversized cuffs with floral embellishments, and cuffs incorporated with various fabrics. Copper cuffs can be worn to a variety of events, due to their versatility and ability to dress up or down any ensemble. Try a cuff in combination with a cocktail ring on the opposite hand for balance. Copper cuffs are also highly work-friendly or a great touch to simple clothing.

Texturized Copper Cuff Bracelet

Texturized Anticlastic Copper Cuff Bracelet

Thick cuff bracelets bring much flair to nearly any ensemble. Large cuff bracelets possess an eye-catching design. The larger size of this chunky style of cuff leaves plenty of room for artwork and intricate etching. The key to wearing thick cuff bracelets is to keep the other jewelry worn simplistic. Cuff bracelets have the ability to accentuate a variety of fashions, both extravagant and simple. Copper cuff bracelets come in a variety of styles and can be worn alone or layered. They are highly versatile, with the ability to be layered to create an accessorized effect. Copper cuffs can also be worn on their own to add a hint of sparkle to a simple outfit. Designs often have a look that resembles floral patterns, basket weaves, hammered, or anticlastic cuff designs. They are widely found in many cultures, as Thai and Irish jewelry is often featured with floral and tribal patterns, and copper cuffs always make great gifts.

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